Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science

Instructions for Submissions to ENTCS

This site contains information about submitting proposals for publication to the Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science.
custom graphic ENTCS provides rapid publication of proceedings of conferences and workshops of interest to the theoretical computer science and mathematics communities. ENTCS is published electronically on ScienceDirect©, Elsevier's main platform for electronic publication. It utilizes the World Wide Web as a medium to provide rapid publication and broad dissemination of the volumes in the series. For example, Proceedings of conferences that are ready when the conference begins can be available on line at the same time the conference takes place.
The list of Editors of ENTCS can be found here.

ENTCS issues and volumes are devoted to proceedings of workshops or conferences in theoretical computer science. ENTCS takes its name seriously, and the proceedings it publishes are expected to contain significant contributions to theory, broadly speaking.

If you are an organizer of a workshop or conference and you wish to publish your proceedings with ENTCS, then please prepare the following material and send it to one of the ENTCS editors or to the Managing Editor at entcs AT math.tulane.edu, with a request to publish the proceedings with ENTCS:

  1. A description of the areas of computer science that the meeting focuses on, and on their theoretical components,
  2. A list of the organizers of the meeting,
  3. A list of the Program Committee for the meeting, including the PC chair, together with a description of the means to be used for selecting papers for the meeting.
  4. An indication of the expected number of submissions for the meeting, and the expected number of accepted papers.
  5. It should be noted that because ENTCS is published as open access, Elsevier charges for proceedings that appear in the series. The charge is $50 for each paper in the proceedings, including the Preface.

Any questions about ENTCS or this site should be addressed to entcs AT math.tulane.edu.