Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science

Instructions for Preparing Files for Final Versions

Below are the instructions for preparing final versions of files for publication ENTCS volumes. Please read them over carefully before preparing the final version of your paper.
ENTCS requires that papers published in the series be prepared using LaTeX using the macro files we have created. This assures that the entire series maintains the uniform format we have devised.

ENTCS does not publish papers prepared using word processing software.

Also, ENTCS does not publish short abstracts, such as of invited talks. Papers in ENTCS should nominally be at least 10 pages in length, but no longer than 25 pages in the final format.

The final processing of files for publication in ENTCS is done by Michael Mislove, the Managing Editor of the series. Here are instructions about preparing the final versions of papers for publication in ENTCS:

  1. Authors should use the same macro files for the final versions of their papers as they used for the preliminary version. Authors also should review the information about using these files available here.
  2. Authors should utilize the file example.tex that comes in the generic ENTCS Macro Package as a template for the source file for the final version of their paper. In particular,
    • Be sure to include an Abstract for the paper in the place provided within the frontmatter section, and
    • Be sure to include key words for the paper in the place provided within the frontmatter section.
  3. Authors should be careful not to override or defeat the formatting imposed by the ENTCS macros. In particular, do not alter the definition, theorem, lemma, etc. environments, and do not change the proof environment.
  4. Do not insert ad hoc spacing within the document, including skip commands or page breaks.

Once the final version is ready, the authors should forward the LaTeX source file along with any nonstandard LaTeX macro files they use to the Guest Editor for their proceedings. At the same time, the following material should be should be sent to the Guest Editor for forwarding to the Managing Editor of ENTCS:

  1. The template provided here should be completed by the Corresponding Author for the paper.
  1. It is no longer necessary to include a signed Copyright Transfer Form with the paper; Elsevier has instituted an electronic version that authors will be asked to complete once the files for their paper are sent by the Managing Editor to Elsevier Production.

  2. Once the preparation of the LaTeX source files is complete, the source files and any nonstandard LaTeX macro files should be sent to the Guest Editor for the proceedings in which your paper will appear, along with a copy of the completed author template.

  3. Authors and Guest Editors should understand that once the final versions of papers have been forwarded to the Managing Editor for final processing, no further revisions can be accepted. Please do not send requests to submit a revised version of a paper once it has been sent.
For each conference or workshop, we have included the name and email address of the main contact(s) for the meeting in question. If problems are encountered, authors should contact this person first about how to resolve them. If necessary, questions will be passed on to me.
Once the files for all the papers have been collected, the Guest Editor for the proceedings should create an archive with each paper and the Preface for the volume in a separate subdirectory. This archive should be compressed and then placed on an ftp server from which it can be downloaded (most mailers won't allow attachnments to emails of the size needed for complete proceedings files). Then alert me that the files are ready and where they can be found.
Any questions about ENTCS or this site should be addressed to ENTCS.