MFPS 19 Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics

Montreal, Canada, 19 - 22 March, 2003

This volume contains the preliminary Proceedings of the 19th Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics. The conference will be held at the Centre de Recherche Mathematiques, Université de Montréal, from Wednesday March 19 to Saturday March 22, 2003.

The Organizing Committee for MFPS consists of Stephen Brookes (CMU), Michael Main (Colorado), Austin Melton (Kent State), Michael Mislove (Tulane), and David Schmidt (Kansas State). The local arrangements organizer for MFPS XIX was Prakash Panangaden (McGill).

The Program Committee members for MFPS XIX are:

Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana) Stephen Brookes (CMU)
Jürgen Dingel (Queens) Martin Escardo (Birmingham)
Philippa Gardner (Imperial) Eric Goubault (ENS)
Radha Jagadeesan (DePaul) Achim Jung (Birmingham)
Daniel Leivant (Indiana) Prakash Panangaden (McGill)
Frank Pfenning (CMU) John Power (Edinburgh)
David Pym (Bath) Uday Reddy (Birmingham)
Jan Rutten (CWI) Eugene Stark (SUNY, Stony Brook)
Guo-Qiang Zhang (Case Western)

The Program Committee co-chairs were Stephen Brookes and Prakash Panangaden. The organizers thank the PC members and anonymous referees for their valuable work in reviewing the submitted papers.

The papers in this volume were submitted in response to the Call for Papers, and were reviewed by the Organizers and Program Committee for the meeting.

Invited addresses

In addition to the contributed papers, the conference featured invited addresses by the following speakers:
  • Vincent Danos (Université, Paris VII)
  • Marcelo Fiore (University of Cambridge)
  • Jimmie Lawson (Louisiana State University)
  • Nancy Lynch (MIT)
  • John Millen (SRI)
  • Michael Mislove (Tulane University)
  • Gordon Plotkin (University of Edinburgh)

    Special sessions

    There were four special sessions held during the meeting:

    1. Special Session on Domain Theory, organized by Achim Jung (University of Birmingham). This session began with Professor Mislove's invited address, and included talks by
      • Abbas Edalat (Imperial College)
      • Martin Escardo (University of Birmingham)
      • Karl Hofmann (Techincal University of Darmstadt)
      • Klaus Keimel (Technical University of Darmstadt)

    2. Special Session on Hybrid Systems, organized by Prakash Panangaden.. This session began with Professor Lynch's invited address, and included talks by
      • Abbas Edalat (Imperial College)
      • Eric Klavins
      • Sebastian Thrun (CMU)

    3. Special Session on Probability, organized by Prakash Panangaden. This session included talks by
      • Franck van Breugel (York)
      • Josée Desharnais (Laval)

    4. Special Session on Security, organized by Catherine Meadows (NRL) and Jon Millen (SRI). This session began with Dr. Millen's invited address, and included talks by
      • Vitaly Shmatikov (SRI)
      • Catherine Meadows (NRL)
      • Mourad Debabbi (Concordia)
      • Steve Zdancewic (Penn)
      • Dusko Pavlovic (Kestrel)


    On behalf of the participants, we express thanks to the Office of Naval Research, and especially Dr. Ralph Wachter, who have generously supported this series. In addition to supporting the conference overall, the support provided by the Office of Naval research makes funds available to help offset the expenses of graduate students.

    We also express our appreciation to the Centre de Recherche Mathematiques, Université de Montréal, especially Jacques Hurtubise, director of CRM, who decided that CRM should have a Theme year on Theoretical Computer Science and who arranged the support of CRM for this conference; Louis Pelletier, who made the local arrangements, and Josée Laferriere who assisted him.


    The Session on Domain Theory was organized by Achim Jung and Michael Mislove in honor of Jimmie D. Lawson on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Jimmie has made many important contributions to domain theory that have been useful both to the theoreticians who study these objects as well as those who apply them to modeling. The Organizers are happy to dedicate these proceedings in Jimmie's honor, to celebrate the contributions Jimmie has made to our subject and to acknowledge his continuing role as a leading researcher and scholar in our area.